Research Achievements

Awards in the last decade: 

● National Awards : 8 Second prizes

● Provincial and ministerial Awards:28 Second prizes 

● More than 300 major projects supported by: 

The National High Technology Research and Development Program of China(863 Program)

The National Basic Research Program (973 Program)

The National Key Technology R&D Program

The Key and Major Program of the National Natural Science Foundation of China

The National Defense Pre-Research Foundation of China

● Since 2008, the School of Mechanical Engineering has been approved three “973 Program” projects with Academician LU Bingheng, Professor WANG Yu and Professor Chen Xuefeng, Dean of the school of mechanical engineering as chief scientists.

● At the same time, it has taken charge of eight projects and more than 60 projects as the main research unit in the national major project of "Advanced Numerical Control Machine and Fundamental Manufacturing Equipment", and has undertaken the construction of high-speed & efficient processing and technological innovation platforms.

● In 2014, the “Collaborative Innovation Center for Advanced Manufacturing Equipment”, led by Xi'an Jiaotong University and jointly organized by Zhejiang University, Huazhong University of science and technology, Dalian University of technology and seven enterprises, was successfully approved, focusing on high-speed and high-precision machining, basic parts, 3D printing, and other technologies. Preliminary collaborative innovation results have been successfully achieved.   

● Since 2016, Professor MEI Xuesong with ten other teachers have led National key R & D projects.

● In 2017, Professor CHEN Xuefeng and three other professors led one of the first national projects supported by the Special Foundation for State Major Basic Research Program of China on "Aero-engine and gas turbine", and entered the construction sequence of "two machines" supporting conditions. They played the role of mechanics in Xi'an Jiaotong University in the main field of national economy.

To build a world-class discipline, the School of Mechanical Engineering has formed research features and advantages in the fields:

● Tribology and Totor dynamics

● Mechanical fault diagnosis

● High-speed & high-precision machining and equipment

● 3D printing, MEMS sensors

● Micro-nano manufacturing and Bio-manufacturing