Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology

About Institute

The Institute was founded in 1994, by Professor Bingheng LU, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a leader in the additive manufacturing (3D printing) in china. With years of development, the institute has formed a strong teaching and research team of more than 60 people, composed of teachers, full-time researchers and experimental technicians.

Director: Jun ZHANG

Research Team

Team leader

Team for Additive Manufacturing

Bingheng lU

Team for High-performance Material Additive   Manufacturing Research

Dichen LI

Team for Composite Material Design and Manufacturing

Yugang DUAN

Team for Intelligent Processing Technology and Equipment

Wanhua ZHAO

Team for Macro, Micro and Nano Cross-Scale Manufacturing

Hongzhong LIU

Research Areas:

l Additive manufacturing technology(3D printing)

l Advanced / intelligent processing technology and equipment

l Composite material forming and testing technology

l Micro-nano manufacturing technology