Institute of Aero-Engine

Institute of Aero-Engine

About Institute

The institute, which was first established on December 30, 2016, is a major measure to help independent research and innovation in the aero-engine of China. With the leader of Academician Yinghong LI, it has formed a high level outstanding scientific research team. The goal of the institute is to gather first-class talents, cultivate first-class research teams, create major research results, and become an important scientific research power in the aero-engine of China.

Director: Yun WU

Research Team

Team leader

Team for New Concept Engine and Fault-Tolerant Control

Yun WU

Team for Aerospace Equipment Big Data Health Management

Xuefeng CHEN

Team for Anti-Fatigue Manufacturing and Manufacturing System

Guangrui WEN

Team for Aero Engine Health Management Dynamics

Hongrui CAO

Research Areas:

l New concept engine

l Fault-tolerant Control

l Big data intelligent operation and maintenance

l intelligent manufacturing