Institute of Aerospace Manufacturing and Information Engineering

Institute of Aerospace Manufacturing and Information Engineering

About Institute

The institute focuses on the aerospace, by carrying out innovative design, intelligent manufacturing, composite material structure and other manufacturing processes and equipment. Though promoting the deep integration of aerospace manufacturing, artificial intelligence, and information engineering, the institute provides deep frontier basic exploration for the moon and further space.

The Institute is committed to providing original innovation, building strategic scientific and technological strength, solving major problems, focusing on the construction of holistic, collaborative and open innovation system, adopting a new model of organic combination of basic research and major needs, and jointly supporting major tasks.


Director: Xuefeng CHEN

Research Team

Team Leader

Team for Space Intelligent Manufacturing

Pengfei WANG

Team for Space Shuttle Advanced Propulsion

Chunmin WANG

Team for Complex System Design

Xiaohong GUAN

Research Areas:

l     Space intelligent manufacturing

l Space Shuttle Advanced Propulsion

l Complex system design and intelligent manufacturing