Institute of Design Science and Basic Components

Institute of Design Science and Basic Components

About Institute

The Institute is the main supporting unit of the Key Laboratory of Modern Design and Rotor -Bearing System of the Ministry of Education. It is mainly for the design needs of the core basic components such as the rotor-bearing of the major national equipment. It carries out research on frontier basic theories and innovative technologies, builds international frontier design theories and methods, and overcomes the major national needs of the "stuck neck technology" to create high-level talent training base in the field of basic component design and manufacturing.

Director: Yaguo LEI

Research Team

Team leader

Team for Advanced Equipment Digital Design and Manufacturing


Team for Big Data-Driven Fault Diagnosis

Yaguo LEI

Team for Advanced   Equipment Lubrication Efficiency

Guangneng DONG

Research Areas:

l Design science and engineering

l Rotor-Bearing dynamics

l Engineering tribology

l Monitoring big data and intelligent fault diagnosis

l Basic components

l Industrial software