Institute of Engineering & Medicine Interdisciplinary Studies

Institute of Engineering & Medicine Interdisciplinary Studies

About Institute

Integrating the national medical and health strategic needs, focusing on the national medium and long-term scientific and technological development, and aiming at the frontier of international research, the institute has formed some characteristic research interests, and led the innovative development on advanced medical and intelligent manufacturing equipment of china. It has established an influential brain-computer interface technology research team in China.

Director: Jinyou SHAO

Research Team

Team leader

Team for Brain-Computer Interaction and Intelligent Diagnosis

Guanghua   XU

Team for Nanoimprint and Micro-nano Functional Device

Jinyou   SHAO

Research Areas:

l Brain-computer interface and control

l Human-computer interaction and virtual reality

l Digital medical and Intelligent rehabilitation equipment

l Intelligent sensing and detection

l Edge computing and networked monitoring

l Artificial intelligence and cloud diagnosis