Institute of Intelligent Diagnosis and Control for Equipment

Institute of Intelligent Diagnosis and Control for Equipment

About Institute

The Institute was established on the research pioneered by four pioneers: Academician Liangsheng QU, a pioneer in the field of monitoring and diagnosis; Professor Weixiang SHI, a pioneer in hydraulic transmission and control; Professor Zhengjia HE, a pioneer of early failure intelligence prediction; Professor Depei DAI, a pioneer in damping vibration and noise reduction technology.

Director: Yanyang ZI

Research Team

Team leader

Intelligent Diagnosis for Equipment

Yanyang   ZI

Team for Vibration and Noise Control

Jiuhui WU

Team for Advanced Forming Technology   and Intelligent Equipment


Research Areas:

l Intelligent detection and fault diagnosis

l Operation reliability and service safety

l Manufacturing information engineering

l Vibration and noise control

l Mechanical structure dynamics

l New Acoustic Materials

l Intelligent forming technology and equipment

l Fluid transmission and electro-hydraulic servo control