Institute of Precision Engineering

Institute of Precision Engineering

About Institute

The Institute was established in 1996,supporting two first-level disciplines: mechanical engineering and instrument science and technology. It is a scientific research team with more than 50 teachers, led by one academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, and some well-known professors.

Director: Zhuangde JIANG

Research Team

Team leader

Team for Micro-Nano Sensing and Testing Innovation

Yulong   ZHAO

Team for Food Safety Testing Technology and  Instrument


Team for Optical Measurement Methods and  Techniques

Shuming   YANG

Team for Intelligent Sensing, Internet of Things  and Biological Testing

Jianjun   DING

Research Areas:

l Micro-nano mechanical electronic system and micro-nano measurement technology

l Micro-nano manufacturing and advanced sensor technology

l Ultra precision processing technology and equipment

l Precision measurement technology and instruments

l Biological manufacturing and instruments