LI Yinghong

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Yinghong LI

Members of Chinese Academy of Science

Elected in 2013

He is an expert in AerospacePropulsion Theory and Engineering and a professor of Air Force EngineeringUniversity. In January 5, 1963, he was born in Fengjie County, Chongqing, hisnative place. In 1983, he was graduated from the Department of Aerospace andMechanical Engineering of the later Air Force Engineering University. In 1989,he got his master’s degree in the later Nanjing University of Science and Technology.At present, he is the Head of the State Key Laboratory of Aerospace PlasmaDynamics.

He has long engaged in researchesof pneumatic and thermal control, troubleshooting and parts surfacestrengthening of aero-engine, been in charge of and successfully completedmultiple major scientific projects. He proposed plateau startup modeling andcontrol method of aero-engine, study theory covering machine learning,laser-shock-induced surface nano-crystallization and composite reinforcementmechanism of residual compressive stress, plasma shock flow control theory andcompressor at near-stall flow measurement and control method and achievedoutstanding results in engineering application, winning the first class merit.He once won multiple prizes including the first prize of National Science andTechnology Progress Award and the first prize of Military Science andTechnology Progress Award.

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